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How to watch soap operas
January 22, 2010, 10:09 pm
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Eastenders, Coronation Street or Hollyoaks, most of us have at least one soap that we keep abreast with. But be aware, that just as art copies life, so can life imitate art.

So if you insist on watching your soaps, make sure that you detach from it. Check yourself. These are just actors, and the show is just put together by a bunch of writers, directors and tv crew.

Otherwise, you may find yourself over-acting your own shallow plots until you lose touch with reality completely.

Even if you’re a positive thinker, look around you. There is enough drama in real life to keep us all occupied.

My advice to you is to keep to shows that aren’t too close to home. Or even better, read a book. Or create something like this (caution includes swear words):


How to Facebook Status Updates (lesson one)
January 22, 2010, 8:08 pm
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Over the past few years Facebook has become the one of the most popular social networking sites (and websites) in the world. Few people don’t belong to the network, and many of us go on it every day.

You can usually spot the big users because they tend to update their status a few times a day. For those of you not in the know, status updates begin with your name and then you can write anything about yourself after it.

Some are too shy or cautious to express such things. After all, if you are a people pleaser you will know that what many entertain one friend, will almost definitely offend or unimpress another.

If you decide to update, realise that people are not interested in your daily routine nor boring events that happen to everyone. For example, Joanna Pastrami is going to the fair tonight might interest Joanna, but who else cares?

I once had a friend who had inherited a lot of money and therefore spent all of her time at home. As everyone was working, she would spend from 7am till every evening, every day just to communicate with people. Her status would be changed every hour and would include things such as this:

10.33 – Stella Mead is going to BnQ to buy a barbeque.

11.47 Stella Mead is back from BnQ

12.21 Stella Mead can’t install the bbq. She needs to go buy a drill.

..etc. Are you still awake??

So if you are going to express yourself to your friends, please think of them and do so with style and humour.

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